Who I am and why I’m here

Who I am and why I’m here

I am a traveler who loves to read tales about travel.

As long as I can recall, tales of far flung places excite me. I love to hear about places and the tales that make them.

I like to associate locations with their stories. I get excitement in getting to know about places with the stories that are integral to them. Those stories generate a desire in me to fetch those places.

As a child, I heard about a place in Assam that is popular as the suicide point for birds. This information created a desire in me to know more about it.

Once I visited the place, I wanted to know more about this phenomenon. I got to know a lot many folklore related to it through the locals there. But nowhere I got to know the actual reason for it.

I searched for answers on the internet, but that also was not of much help.

The quest for getting to know that reason for that mass suicide location of birds kept disturbing me. At some point of time, my brain started working on finding the answer to my question all by itself.

That is when I dreamt of an answer. The answer came in the form of a story. I wrote the draft of it somewhere in my brain.

But as I grew, that particular story got lost in the vast amount of data that compounded in my brain all this while.

To be honest, I was disappointed. I felt remorse for not noting it down. I felt bad for not being in touch with the story.

If only I was particular about storing that story somewhere, it would have been a part of me today.

Alas, that is not the case!

This taught me a big lesson in life. Since then I understood the importance of developing a connection with a story.

So, today I keep a physical journal with me all the while. I use it to store my stories and the ideas that bring them forth.

This blog is an integral part of that attempt. It runs parallel to the stories that I write in my head and then transfer to my journal.

I am here with this blog to strengthen the bond that I have with my travel tales.

I have not been to most of the locations that I mention here. That is the reason I develop stories around them. My travel tales about those locations is my idea of developing a bond with them.

I do not know how will all this help you. But if in case you are like me, then there is a lot for you to hang out here.

This blog will let you explore destinations that you have never heard before. Even if you have heard about them, you will get to know stories associated with them. It is quite probable that those stories you would have never come across in the past.

If travel tales is what excites you, then you are at the right location.

Feel free to explore this blog on travel tales. Do remember to share this to someone whom you know would appreciate!




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