Daily prompt: Unpopular

Daily prompt: Unpopular
Daily prompt: Unpopular

If someone asks for an example of a person who is famous for opting in for the unpopular choices, then I fit in the best.

All my life I have picked up the unpopular choices. I can give a brief count of some of those.

I picked up Foods and Nutrition vocational course during my graduation. The mentioned course curriculum was for students who lacked biology studies in their schooling. Those who were from sciences background enrolled in the Foods and Nutrition majors stream. Me being a biology student, opted for the Foods and Nutrition vocational studies. My unpopular decision stunned my peers and faculty.

Back then I took the decision so that I get to have an industry internship. With the regular course, all I would have got a dietetics experience in a hospital. But I took the unpopular choice to add a business oriented experience to my resume. It also opened doors to a new geography and a different work culture away from my city.

I studied business management during my post graduation studies. My second semester studies included an elective foreign language course. I opted for German. It was again an unpopular choice for many. It is because I studied basic French along with my graduation studies.

It was an unpopular choice because students do not tend to take such a decision. To safeguards their grades, they opt subjects that are easy to score. I did the opposite my choosing a subject that I was not familiar with. Any one else in my position would have gone with French to get better scores. But I took the unpopular decision to learn a new language.

Learning a new language is my cheat sheet to visit a new culture. In the initial times, I found it difficult to concentrate on German vocabulary. I mixed up French and German words that irked my teacher too.

But with time and efforts put into the language, I grew familiar with it. As my luck had it, I even passed the grades for German language.

Today I do not remember much of what I learned during my German classes. But a particular word etched in my memory since those days is – Cravate. It is special to me because it is common to both French and German. In English, it means a tie!

Another incidence of going ahead with an unpopular decision is right now. After 10 years of my on and off professional career, I plan to make a change with it.

I have taken the decision to be a full time writer from now. I am in the verge of finishing whatever full time assignments I had in hand. After finishing those, I will immerse myself into a 10-7 career of writing.

This blog is a part of that attempt in a small but definite way.

I am looking forward to shift to a cheaper place so that my daily expenses are minimum. I have shortlisted few coastal towns of my country for that purpose.

It would take me another month to wind up my existing life and shift to a new place. Till then, I will continue my freelance writing so that a stream of income stays flowing.

Will update in my later posts about the outcome of my yet another unpopular decision.


In response to Daily prompt : Unpopular -Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice.


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