Who I think is an ideal audience for my blog

ideal audience for my blog
ideal audience for my blog

To be honest, I never thought of an ideal audience for my blog ever. It was the year 2003 when I first had a blog. Since then I have worked with more than 10 blogs.

Back then when I started, blogging was a part of my assignment in business school. So, like other assignments, it was boring and cumbersome.

I was not comfortable with the idea of letting your thoughts out for everyone to read. But as I had to do it then, I did. The concept of audience then was my faculty who gave the assignment, and the fellow students. So, as one could guess, I wrote in a tone that would not offend my teacher. I ensured that I did not let anyone of my friends think that I was not good at writing. I also tried to write in an ornate language to impress anyone and everyone.

Hence, all my efforts to blog were on creating an impression on the audience. Though at the first place, I never wanted any audience except me.

From there I went on to start, run, and shut down a lot many individual blogs. Some are mine, some are of the clients that I write for. (Yeah! I am a professional paid blogger today).

Since 2003 to this day I have learnt a lot about the institution of blogging. I hope to do a post some day on all that I have learnt about the blogging profession. May be I could come up with a book too!

Except when it comes to running a blog for a client or an institution, I tend not to think about the audience. But this course on Blogging has got me into thinking about the ideal audience for my blog.

Ideal audience for my blog traveltales101

So today I am going to post the answers to that one question.

I started traveltales101 with a desire to write stories about travel.

I have grown up reading a lot of books. The ones that describe the culture and details about the places in their stories are what I like the most.

As a reader, I have spent time reading and devouring the experience of travel stories. These stories were by other writers and other people.

Around the world in 80 days and Guernsey’s literary and the Potato peel pie society are my favorites. Ditto for travelogues of Bill Bryson and description of Turkey in stories by Orhan Pamuk.

I jumped into their journey and borrowed an experience from theirs.

With traveltales101 I wish to reverse the reader role of my life. In this blog I want to write stories for readers like me. Readers who are looking for an experience that comes with stories that involve travel.

It is for readers who think travel is not a mere journey to reach from a point A to B.

The ones who believe that travel enriches you with experiences and pleasure.

So to keep things simple, I sum up this post in a single statement.

An ideal audience for my blog traveltales101 is a reader excited about stories about travel.


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