Day Five: Love Your Theme

Love Your Theme
Love Your Theme

I love to admit that I am happy to develop a bond with my blog. Of course, I credit the Blogging101 course for this.

It makes me feel that there is a group of supporters with me. Everyday I look forward to receive a new assignment. Working on the assignment opens my vision to a lot of ideas. If I were alone on this path, those ideas could have never struck me.

The course pushes me to try out each aspect of the assignment. The best part is the appreciation of the fellow bloggers that I receive.

It is the feeling of moving ahead towards a path of success. I cannot express enough how empowered I feel after submitting each assignment.

Here goes my bit on the assignment for the day.

Day Five: Love Your Theme

I started this blog with the intention of posting stories on travel. This helped me to select a theme suitable for that purpose.

After a little permutations and combinations, I went with the The Independent Publisher Theme

To let out the fact, I love it. It has all that I wanted in my blog. It is in white space. The look and feel is of a neat and clean blog. My posts occupy most part of the interface, making content the Queen.

The theme is the best that I could ask for.

But then as per the assignment of the day, here are the changes.

The assignment asked few questions. I move on to them with my answers. Read further…

1.     Pick something that speaks to you

I am a fan of all stuff simple and minimalist. If you have been reading my blog for sometime, you know what I mean. I do not like clutter, and try to maintain the same on my blog.

I love blogs that tilt towards simple designs. A lot of widgets and menus distract me. Bearing all this in mind, I shortlisted a theme called Manifest as an option.

I did not change to it, as you know by now.

2.     Consider your content

My content is stories on travel. This makes words my content.

There are images corresponding to the content. But they are not the main focus. I stress more on creating stories that engage a reader who like stories about travel.

This compels me to look for a theme that considers to showcase words.

A little search on the Themes with my set criteria popped up Oxygen Demo theme.

3.     Think about your priorities

At this juncture of my blogging goals, I am not looking for a paid theme. This leaves me the priority of selecting a theme which does not require to use my credit card.

My second priority is to look for a theme that is easy to use. I lack technical capability to customize a theme. I am comfortable to use a theme that is not customizing friendly.

The luxury to make my content look as the main character is my #1 requirement from a theme. I can complement that with a few widgets later on.

A simple follow us, social share, and comment widgets are my subsequent requirements.

As it is evident on my blog now, I have changed my theme. It is the Blaskan theme.

I am yet to figure out how it fares to my last theme. I appreciate if you leave a feedback.


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