Daily prompt: Worst Case Scenario

Daily prompt: Worst Case Scenario
Daily prompt: Worst Case Scenario

I am late for submitting my writing for the Daily prompt of the day. The entire day I was busy on a visit to a client. They are an institution involved with the Fluorisis studies.  Their work involves spreading the awareness about the harmful impact of fluorisis. 

I am involved in their brand building through the digital means. The work I do for them involves posting content. Generating content on their blog on Medium is my primary responsibility.

It was my first meeting with them today on a personal level. Erstwhile, I have interacted with them over Skype, mails and phone.

As of now I have written 5 articles for them. Out of them, 3 are live on their blog. 1 is still in the editing stage at their end. The rest one article they did not like.

Today my meeting with them was to figure out what they did not like about that rejected one.

Since I had also not met their entire team before, I had apprehensions. I had only met one of their team member, who in fact was instrumental in giving me the job.

Apart from him I had no professional interaction with anyone of them. I was trying to guess what they had to discuss with me.

My mind was full of all the awful possibilities that could happen with the meeting today. May be they do not want to go ahead with their association with me. Or it could be that do not want to go ahead with the project itself.

At the same time, I also thought what best could happen. May be they are fond of all my articles, except for one.

They could be wanting me to create more of the content that they have approved. So, for the same they want to discuss what could be the best way to move forward.

For the possibilities of either of the events to happen were equal. So, I also took into account how each of them could affect me.

Let us assume that they are happy with my work. In that case they could continue with me for a longer time. That means my existing contract with them of 4 months can stretch.

To the contrary, if they are not happy, they might stop working with me.

I have received 3/4ths of the amount that was assigned to me for this project. So, if I am not paid the rest, it will not be bad a scenario. A fact to be considering this analysis is that I have only done 1/5th of the work for them.

Hence, in a worst case scenario, I only lose a future cash flow. What I have already worked for is in fact paid in excess.

Did the Worst Case Scenario actually happen?

With these conflicting thoughts in mind, I headed for my meeting. I returned home just few hours back.

I am glad to mention in this post that it all went superb. The response that I received from them was overwhelming.

We brainstormed the possibilities of structuring their content marketing activity with a strategy. And I am more than excited to put that in action as soon as I can.

In response to Daily prompt : Worst Case Scenario – Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?



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