Daily prompt: Learning Style

Daily prompt: Learning Style
Daily prompt: Learning Style

When it comes to a learning style, it is much like my personality. Unique, minimalist and simple. By that I mean I like to learn at my own pace.

To be honest, I have not made much of the professional college degrees that I gathered. They were more for the intention of getting a job than for anything else.

Though this was back then. 15 years hence I graduated from college, the World has changed. For that matter, I am happy that it has changed.

In today’s times, I find opportunities dime a dozen. The stress towards a college degree on paper has reduced. Now the shift is towards an aptitude and quantifiable skill sets.

Not to mention, I am in luck with those qualifications. I am more than proud to admit that I am an obsessed self-learner.

What is my Learning Style like ?

All that I am today is because of my staunch reading habits. Devoting time to learning new skills through the internet is my learning style.

Everyday I read at least 5 articles in my domain from the world wide web. By my domain I mean – Writing, Social media and Inbound Marketing.

I have my set of thought leaders from my industry whom I follow. I go to their content to get a sense of direction to what is happening in the industry.

I do like to learn in a group. A group study stimulates interactions and bring in new perspectives.

One gets to learn in an environment that leads to cumulative knowledge sharing. Though I do admit that I grow allergic to any noise and clutter that the group may bring.

For that purpose I restrict group learning sessions to  webinars. In general they range from 1-2 hours and are interactive in nature.

I like them because they provide instant answers to my queries. Through them I get to resolve my queries quick. Moreover, they operate in a technology environment that cuts all the noise in between.

They facilitate the attendees to remain in a listen only mode. It is only the speaker who talks. One can ask questions by typing them in the form. This cuts all the chaos and a student can concentrate on the lecture in an effective manner.

It is this conducive nature of learning that I enjoy with webinars. Yes, they are my second favorite method of learning.

My first favorite method of learning will always be the BOOKS. I love books.

I do not recall a time when my bag will not have a book. I do not own a kindle yet. But my smartphone does have the kindle app.

It has books from all sorts of genre. Fiction ranges from  classics to time travel romance. Fiction has biographies to self improvement books.

Since the time my book got published, I started reading more on the self-help genre.

To sum it up, I retain information best through reading books and interactive audio lectures.pro

In response to Daily prompt : Learning Style – What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?


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