What if dreams do really come true

dreams come true
dreams come true

Hello Randall, how have you been. Any idea what to do if dreams come true?

This post is for you. You recall few weeks back we got to know each other through our writings.

I started our conversation with posting about you as an inspiration. It was a part of the assignment #9.

I have also written about my immediate plans of being a full time writer. Also, how much I wish to be near a sea. I feel staying close to a sea will be conducive to my writing career.

How much I envy you for staying in a beautiful place. Also, I wrote about my plans of shifting to a sea bound place soon.

Well, today I am writing this post to let you know that I am near to an ocean right now.

I am not here for a vacation. Nor I am here forever.

I am here for a mere 30 hours. This place is Goa. I am not sure if you have heard of it.

It is the most popular beach destination of India.

Being an independent Inbound Marketing professional, I keep getting offers for work. One such work interview got me here.

I do not take up offers that require me to travel. But this one I could not say NO. I am sure you know why.

This place has a coast line of 100 km. Also, the number of beaches would be around 50.

The thought of visiting all in the course of time excites me. Of course, that will happen if I make the most of the interview. It may pave the foundation to bigger events in future. I hope things so positive.

I have heard that dreams come true. But they would happen in my life is something I cannot fathom.  The entire turn of events flabbergasts me.

I landed here just a few hours back. Since then I had this itch to let you know that I am close to the ocean. I had a nice butter garlic pepper pomfret. After finishing this post I plan to go out for some stroll.

I will also venture out some local eateries.

It is Sunday today. My interview is tomorrow at 10 AM IST.

The pitch of the recruiter for this job was wonderful. It seems the profile is of a storyteller for the biggest software company in this World.

Tomorrow I will get to know how true her story is. I will update that part once I reach back home.

If it is true, I will end up taking the offer. I cannot stop myself to think what could that lead to.

I will use that opportunity to write, write and write. I will not only have my personal writing goals. But also a day job that involves business writing.

It is like saying I will have a resource to fund my dreams. I am going bonkers imagining myself writing by the sea.

How much I wish I had such a picture right now. It is little sad to tell you that right now I am not close to the ocean.

It is far off. Although I can see it from my hotel’s window.

I just hope that I end up taking this job offer. I will then figure out how to bring the ocean close to me. Till then you have to wish me good luck. I hope you are happy to see that my dreams are coming true.


I would like to know how are you making your dreams come true ?

7 thoughts on “What if dreams do really come true

  1. If dreams really come true, my wife and I would be together for a long time (with good health), our son would succeed with his own writing, and perhaps I’ll become an author. I could list things I would like to see for the world around us, but peace and prosperity would be a good place to start.


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